Plumbing & Heating

Not only have we got everything you could possibly need to build the house of your

dreams we also supply the perfect kitchens and bathrooms to complement it.

Central Heating Systems Underground / Soil / Waste Copper / Speedfit / MDP Woodburners Multifuel Stoves

Woodburner Banner

Woodburners / Multifuel Stoves

Nothing makes a house feel more homely than a woodburner or multifuel stove.  We stock a range of both with an even larger range available to order, whether it's a traditional style or a sleek contemporary design KBS could be the answer.


Stove Care & Maintenance

Running a woodburner or multifuel stove requires up-keep so here at KBS we keep a range of products to help maintain them.

Glass Cleaner, Fire Bricks, Rope Seal, Flue Cleaner and Stove Paint.

Stove Maintenance

Endfeed Fittings

No plumbing job would be complete without endfeed fittings so here at KBS we keep a large selection of fittings from 8mm to 28mm.

We also stock Flux, Solder, MAPP Gas, Pipe Cutters etc.

Endfeed fittings

Compression Fittings

As well as Endfeed Fittings we keep almost any compression fitting you could possibly need.  No matter what your problem we're confident here at KBS we have the answer, just come along and one of our team will try and assist you.

Compression Fittings


If you need to get water to a property or a building project you need Philmac water fittings.  It's the simple solution and we keep almost the entire system in stock, whether it's 20, 25 or 32mm.

Philmac Fittings

Underground, Soil & Waste

We have developed a long & fruitful relationship with Brett Martin and offer a massive range of their products.

110mm & 160mm Underground, 82.4mm & 110mm Soil,
21.5mm Overflow, 32mm. 40mm & 50mm Waste.

Brett Martin Pipe