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What to consider when planning for a new fitted kitchen.

Kington Building Supplies and Rhayader Building Supplies are experts in Kitchen Design with many happy customers in Hereford, Herefordshire and Powys. We help our customers plan and design their ideal kitchen and help you find an expert kitchen fitter to install it for you.

We are for prestige retailer for Omega plc who manufacture Chippendale Kitchens.

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So, you’re dreaming of a glorious, gleaming designer kitchen where to start when planning for any new Fitted Kitchens in Hereford?  When you’re planning for a new Fitted Kitchen then both Style and Function should be of equal importance to you. It is necessary that you think about efficiency and choose fitted kitchen furniture, to maximize the available space. Replacing your kitchen can improve your lifestyle and enhance the value of your home as well. At some point of time, this is something most homeowners consider at one time or another.  It doesn’t matter if you have a small kitchen or a large one, planning a new kitchen will be a costly project.

Here are some things you need to consider when planning your new kitchen

Fitted Kitchen Furniture vs Modular Kitchen Cabinets
It is important to choose the right type of Kitchen Cabinets for your kitchen in Hereford to maximize space. Fitted kitchen furniture can be tailored to any size, since they are made to order and therefore can be made to fit any size space whereas Modular Kitchens are built to pre-set sizes starting 200mm wide and rising by 100mm each time so the next size up is 300mm, then 400mm and so on. Whilst made to measure kitchen furniture can be customised to your personal needs - decide how many drawers you need, the height of the cabinets, the width and so on, Modular units use space covering veneers which are built-in by the Kitchen Fitter.  

Keep the 'Work Triangle' in Mind While Designing 
The fridge, sink and cooking range should form a triangle. Managing things become easier of you maintain this work triangle. These are the most visited points when working in the kitchen, so keeping these within easy reach of each other makes your kitchen more efficient and makes it easier for you to use. If you don't have enough idea about the work triangle, take help from professional kitchen designers. 

Choose the Right Storage Equipment 
To create a functional kitchen it is important to choose the right storage equipment. To maximize efficiency, you need to keep all the everyday items within easy reach, and this is only possible if you have the right storage equipment. For instance, Chippendale Kitchens has a great selection of Kitchen Storage Equipment to choose from and the experienced kitchen designers at Kington Building Supplies are on hand to help you choose the right equipment for you. 

Get Good Kitchen Furniture Designers 
If you want to install fitted kitchen furniture in Hereford, it is necessary that you start with great furniture designers. Check the reputation of the furniture designers before signing the contract - they should understand their needs and demands, the prices quoted should be reasonable and they should provide the best quality materials. Likewise for when you choose Modular Kitchen Cabinets from a Kitchen Showroom in Hereford. Compare quotes from a few kitchen furniture designers before zeroing in on one. Also check whether the furniture designers are charging for installation too some companies charge a premium for employing their own fitters whereas most fitted kitchen showrooms will introduce you to specialist Kitchen Fitters that they know well and this means they both focus on their own part of the project. 

Set a Budget 
Last, but not the least, you should know how much you want to spend on your kitchen renovation project. Home renovation projects such as kitchen renovation may exceed budgets easily, so it is important that you stick to your budget right from the beginning. Your New Fitted Kitchen will be at the heart of your home so you should make sure that you are forward looking with regard to your lifestyle and how you want to use your kitchen now and in the future.

Why not take a look at the range of Chippendale Kitchens on display in the Fitted Kitchen Showrooms at Kington Building Supplies, Sunset Yard, Kington, Herefordshire. HR5 3SF


How to save money on a new fitted kitchen in Hereford

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If you’re dreaming of a glorious, gleaming designer kitchen but there’s no way you can afford it, don’t despair. You don’t have to give up your dream, there are lots of ways to buy a luxury, expensive-looking kitchen on a budget, you just need to be a bit clever about it. It all comes down

Kington Building Supplies and Rhayader Building Supplies are experts in Kitchen Design with many happy customers in Hereford, Herefordshire and Powys. We help our customers plan and design their ideal kitchen and help you find an expert kitchen fitter to install it for you.

We are for prestige retailer for Omega plc who manufacture Chippendale Kitchens.


5 top tips to save you money on a bespoke, designer kitchen in Hereford, Herefordshire & Powys:

  1. Spend on worktops.

The worktop is a crucial visual (and practical) element in your kitchen, so it’s worth spending more on. You may even get a great deal on a laminate or other cheaper material that looks like something expensive such as marble or granite. We have a wide range to choose from.

  1. Don’t skimp on the fitting.

A professional quality fit is what makes a kitchen look expensive, whereas an ill-fitting kitchen (however expensive) will never look good. Kington Building Supplies  can help you find a local experienced, trusted kitchen fitter. With a reputable Kitchen Fitter you can rest comfortable in the knowledge that your kitchen will be expertly fitted.

  1. Buy ex-display kitchens.

At times, when we update our kitchen displays, it is possible for you to buy the ex-display kitchen at a reduced price. Whilst you may have to wait some months for this but it is a very economical way to buy a designer kitchen which otherwise may be out of your price range. Keep in touch with us to see if any ex-display kitchens are becoming available and when.

  1. Salvage things from your old kitchen.

If you’re replacing your kitchen, don’t just throw everything away. There may be items such as internal fitments like cutlery trays and plate stackers that you can use in your new fitted kitchen.

It’s surprising how a good spring clean can bring these items back to life!

  1. Plan early, then you can look out for deals.

It’s important that you give yourself time to look at all the choices on offer with new modern kitchens. Appliances are big part of this and of course, you don’t need to buy the appliances from the company supplying your new fitted kitchen. Choose your ideal appliances, units and big-ticket items early, then you can look out for and snap up special offers you spot. ​

Kington Building Supplies Kitchen Showroom are able to offer you a good choice of all kitchen appliances, as you can see them in-store in our fitted kitchen displays and we can advise you on other appliances to suit your ideas and style. We offer 3D CAD drawings too to help you visualise the finished design before you commit to buying your kitchen from us.

Kington Building Supplies has a great reputation for quality and service with a string of delighted customers in Kington, Hereford and the surrounding counties of Herefordshire and Powys!