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How to design your Chippendale Fitted Kitchen


If you’re dreaming of a glorious, designer fitted kitchen but don’t know where to start, this blog, courtesy of Chippendale Kitchens. Will help you get started and give you confidence.

This blog is worth a read whatever the shape of your kitchen and will help you if you are starting out planning a completely new bespoke kitchen or just looking to upgade with new Kitchen Cabinets or Kitchen Worktops, or even just Kitchen Door fronts.

We have Fitted Kitchen Showrooms at ​Kington Building Supplies and Rhayader Building Supplies who are experts in all aspects of Kitchen Design  - We supply homeowners and Kitchen Fitters throughout Herefordshire, South Shropshire and Powys including Hereford, Leominster and the Rhayader areas. We are prestige retailer for Omega plc manufacturer of Chippendale Kitchens.


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Kitchen flooring


Your kitchen floors will go through a lot, so you need a material that’s tough as well as pretty. There is a huge range of options to suit every budget and style, from laminate and hardwood to stone and tile, each with their own pros and cons.

If you have an open plan kitchen and living space, you’ll also need to consider how you’ll transition your flooring to meet the needs of different areas. Rather than seeing this as a challenge, think of it as an opportunity to get creative and play around with your flooring! If you live in Leominster or Hereford, it is well worth a trip over to visit the Fitted Kitchen Showrooms at Kington Building Supplies, Kington. HR5 3SF


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Kitchen tiles


Tiles are a versatile material in kitchens that can be used on floors and walls, for functional or decorative purposes. Tiles have changed a lot in recent years, with more imaginative patterns and colours emerging to join the traditional natural and stone-imitation tiles.

Tiles can be a great way to add a standout feature to your kitchen; consider a geometric patterned tile for your floor or a bright mosaic print for a splashback.

Get more kitchen tile ideas.


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Kitchen lighting


Lighting plays a big part in your kitchen; underestimate it at your peril! You’ll most likely need a combination of ‘task lighting’ to brightly illuminate your food prep areas and more gentle ‘mood lighting’ for eating and entertaining.

Once you’ve chosen the purpose and positioning of your lighting, you can move on to choosing your lighting style. Pendants and chandeliers work well as statement lighting, while recessed spotlights or track lighting are more subtle.


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Kitchen colour schemes


Your colour scheme should really be one of your first considerations when redesigning your kitchen, as this will help to inform many of your other choices.

Many people opt for light, neutral colours like white, cream and grey, as these offer a simple base to match accompanying colours and can help to make smaller kitchens seem more spacious.

But darker or bolder colours can work well in kitchens too; the most important thing is to start by considering the size and shape of your kitchen, and the arrangement of your top and bottom cupboard units, to determine what colours might work best in your space.

This is where the Fitted Kitchen Showrooms at Kington Building Supplies really stand out for creativity. We’re just a 30 minute drive from Leominster and Hereford.



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Small kitchen ideas


While a small kitchen doesn’t prevent you from having your dream space, you will need to be a bit more tactical about your design and decor choices. A white or cream-based colour scheme is a great place to start, as lighter colours brighten small spaces and make them feel more open. Glossy materials that reflect light have a similar effect, so bear this in mind when choosing worktops.

When planning your layout, think about how you can arrange your units and cupboards to maximise work and storage space without blocking light from the windows or hindering walkways.

We can help you make the most of a small kitchen



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Narrow kitchen ideas


In a narrow kitchen, you’ll face many of the same issues as a small kitchen. The most common challenge in a narrow kitchen is how to keep the space feeling light, as natural light from a window often can’t reach the full length of the kitchen and results in dark or gloomy corners.

A galley layout is usually the best option for a long, narrow kitchen, as well as limiting cupboards to just base units so the space feels open and airy. If you need extra storage higher up, neat open shelves are a better alternative that you can accessorise to double as a feature wall, as well as useful storage space!

We can help you make the most of a narrow kitchen


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Kitchen islands


Kitchen islands have become an increasingly popular addition to the kitchen, as the trend for more social kitchens continues to build. When you’re planning your kitchen redesign to include an island, the first thing is to measure your space to make sure you have enough room and work out how large your island can be.

Islands of any size can be easily adapted for whatever needs you have. If you need more storage, install cupboards and drawers in the base, or you can add stools and a dining ledge to create a social hangout spot. You could even install a small fridge or wine rack for easy access while entertaining!

We’re great on ideas for kitchen islands.



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Breakfast bars


If you don’t have enough room for an island, a breakfast bar is a great small kitchen alternative. Breakfast bars are so versatile as they can be added in many places; on the outside of a u-shaped kitchen counter, as a small ledge attached to a wall or existing unit, or as an elegant floating peninsula.

A breakfast bar can be nicely styled with a different counter material to make it stand out from the rest of your worktops, a feature light overhead, or some brightly coloured stools.

Ask us about inspiring breakfast bar ideas



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Kitchen extensions



If your kitchen space isn’t working for you, there’s always the possibility of extending it. A kitchen extension is a big undertaking, but one with amazing payoffs if you do it right. With extra space, you can design the kitchen layout of your dreams, and even add extra living or dining spots.

The layout is key when organising your extension, so you can take advantage of natural light sources, arrange your zones efficiently, and decorate nicely with nods to your home’s original features. Our design and planning team will guide you to make sure you get the exact fitted kitchen you want! 



How to use Vertical Space in Small Kitchens & Utilities


If you’re dreaming of a glorious, designer kitchen but you’re short on space, don’t despair.

You don’t have to give up your dream, there are lots of ways to build a designer kitchen into a smaller space using the vertical space on offer.

Kington Building Supplies and Rhayader Building Supplies are experts in Kitchen Design and can help you make the most of the space you have. We have many happy customers in Hereford, Leominster and the Powys areas. We help our customers plan and design their ideal kitchen and help you find an expert kitchen fitter to install it for you.

We are for prestige retailer for Omega plc who manufacture Chippendale Kitchens.



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Most people tend to think in two dimensions most of the time.  Consider how the majority of our world is laid out, maps, GPS directions, your desk at work.  Even though we inhabit a three-dimensional world, our day-to-day activities mostly happen in terms of left, right, backwards, forwards. (Or for those of us cardinally inclined — north, south, east, west.)


Naturally, this tendency is often reflected when homeowners start to think about updating or replacing their kitchen. Most initial plans for a space where ample storage space is necessary will try to fill all available floor space with kitchen cabinets.  While this is not necessarily a mistake, many opportunities can be missed by not considering the up-down possibilities. Kington Building Supplies  professional kitchen designers have experience leveraging all three dimensions, and quite often will be able to create a design that puts unused space to work!

“Going vertical” works especially well in smaller spaces, as maximizing that area can even double the storage capacity of some rooms!  You can easily see how using tall wall cabinets dramatically increased the storage capacity of any kitchen or utility room.  Certain washers & dryers will even allow you to stack them on top of each other, freeing up significant floor space to allow for more kitchen cabinets, shelves, and utility sinks.

We have recently seen an old house which featured a laundry room with a shower that doubled as a place to wash the owner’s often muddy dogs.  How’s that for maximizing a space — it’s laundry room, linen closet, shower, doggy bed, and dog wash.  It was all fit in neatly in a roughly 7′ x 9′ space because they were able to “think up!

If you live in Hereford, Leominster, Knighton, Llandrindod or anywhere in North Herefordshire or South Shropshire and need help choosing a new kitchen or revamping your existing Kitchen, then we’re more than happy to help. 

Call us on 01544 230081 or visit our Kitchen Showroom at Kington Building Supplies, Sunset Yard, Kington, Herefordshire. HR5 3SF. We cover Hereford and the surrounding counties of Herefordshire and Powys!



How could you better organise your new kitchen?

If you’re dreaming of a glorious, gleaming designer kitchen but there’s no way you can afford it, don’t despair. You don’t have to give up your dream, there are lots of ways to buy a luxury, expensive-looking kitchen on a budget, you just need to be a bit clever about it. It all comes down

Kington Building Supplies and Rhayader Building Supplies are experts in Kitchen Design with many happy customers in Hereford, Herefordshire and Powys. We help our customers plan and design their ideal kitchen and help you find an expert kitchen fitter to install it for you.

We are for prestige retailer for Omega plc who manufacture Chippendale Kitchens.




The kitchen, a room in your home that often sees plenty of activity. Whether it is the creation of dinner masterpieces or perhaps some of those cooking mistakes that we would rather forget, it can soon get messy and cluttered with so many utensils and appliances! A cluttered kitchen can be frustrating, lack of space, not able to find things with ease and of course no room to prepare food all can have an impact on how you feel about the room.

A new kitchen is a blessing, a chance to start over and create a space that you can enjoy, socialise and of course cook those family dinners that bring you all together. So how can you better organise your kitchen? We have put together our top 7 ways that you can make sure that it becomes a clean, clear and tidy room, one with plenty of space and surface!


Hang it up

One kitchen organisation mistake that is made is to only see cupboards and drawers as places to store items away in. Clever storage involves looking at all areas of the room as a place to hide, or in this case hang up those pesky items taking up space.

Aprons, utensils and tea towels can be popped on hooks on the wall so that they are easy to grab when you need them but out of the way when you don’t.

The ceiling shouldn’t be overlooked as when you install a new kitchen into your home you can also request a hanging storage space to be installed which allows you to hook up those pots and pans out of the way.


Think about how often you use things                                                               
When it comes to your kitchen there are going to be things that you use every day and those that you use less often. The key to organising a kitchen well is to recognise how often you use everything and place it accordingly. Those plates that are brought out every day should be easy to reach and put away whilst the most expensive dining set that only makes an appearance at Christmas can be hidden away on the top shelf.

The same could be said for food items, with those much-loved herbs and spices at the front ready to be added to your dinner and the once a month baking items popped that little bit further back.


File things by size

By this we are mostly thinking about plastic and Tupperware tubs which can quickly become messy and disorganised. One of the best ways to keep on top of these is to pop them away in size order within each other. The largest ones at the bottom and then each smaller sized one within it. The lids can then be placed in a bag, basket or another tub together ready for you to dig out when you have the corresponding pot.

In some new kitchens you can install separate sections in drawers which may be ideal for hiding away lids and tubs together but keeping them apart and cutting down mess.

The same approach can also work for baking trays and roasting tins, which can be placed within each other to maximise space.


A case for a basket

Cupboards that contain jars, pots and tins can quickly become cluttered and unmanageable. One way to ensure that everything has its own place is to use baskets within the cupboards.

Each basket could be used to store away a particular type of food and you can even use labels so that you can quickly find what you are looking for. Baskets also work well for non-food items such as cutlery, cleaning items and even things such as batteries which will often find a way into your kitchen drawers!


Organise your Worktop

Organising your worktop space will ensure you have plenty more room to work with. Take a look at your worktops from Kington Building Supplies – they provide you with plenty of space and an easy to clean surface at a good price. Ensuring you keep this counter-top space tidy and without clutter will allow you the room required to create great meals as it ensures that preparation is easier.

There are a number of great items from Ikea and also the likes of Lakeland that make tidying a worktop and keeping everything in its right place easier.


Buy a whiteboard or corkboard

Kitchen organization doesn’t just mean the kitchen itself. As a room that is often visited by every member of the family throughout the day, the kitchen is a great place to pop notes, reminders and lists for all to see. Whiteboards are great for noting down things that need to be done or bought as they can be updated and removed with ease. Noticeboards such as cork boards are good for long term reminders, such as school events, parties and holidays! They are also decorative and can form a great focal point for your kitchen.


Give books their own space

Often cookbooks are hidden away in a cupboard taking up space that could be used for food or cookware. Instead, why not make them a decoration in their own right by organising them on a shelf instead?

It is best to have this away from the cooker or sink to minimise the risk of damage, but close enough that you can grab one when you have forgotten how to make the perfect Yorkshire pudding!


Think outside the box

When it comes to organising your kitchen you may find that other storage and organisation items for the rest of the house can help.

Pocket organisers that are often used for storing away socks and underwear can be hung on the back of a cupboard door and used for rubber gloves, sponges and other items that you need for cleaning or washing up. Large hanging shoe organisers can be put on the back of the door and used to hide away a variety of utensils and food items. You can even use filing racks for magazines and papers to store your chopping boards in, keeping them neat and tidy.

When it comes to kitchen organisation the possibilities really are endless, so if you are thinking about installing a new, fresh and perfect organised kitchen or perhaps just giving your old one a bit of an overhaul then you will find the perfect way to keep it clutter free.

If you live in Hereford, Leominster, Knighton, Llandrindod or anywhere in North Herefordshire or South Shropshire and need help choosing a new kitchen or revamping your existing Kitchen, then we’re more than happy to help. 

Call us on 01544 230081 or visit our Kitchen Showroom at Kington Building Supplies, Sunset Yard, Kington, HerefordShire. HR5 3SF. We cover Hereford and the surrounding counties of Herefordshire and Powys!


What to consider when planning for a new fitted kitchen.

Kington Building Supplies and Rhayader Building Supplies are experts in Kitchen Design with many happy customers in Hereford, Herefordshire and Powys. We help our customers plan and design their ideal kitchen and help you find an expert kitchen fitter to install it for you.

We are for prestige retailer for Omega plc who manufacture Chippendale Kitchens.

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So, you’re dreaming of a glorious, gleaming designer kitchen where to start when planning for any new Fitted Kitchens in Hereford?  When you’re planning for a new Fitted Kitchen then both Style and Function should be of equal importance to you. It is necessary that you think about efficiency and choose fitted kitchen furniture, to maximize the available space. Replacing your kitchen can improve your lifestyle and enhance the value of your home as well. At some point of time, this is something most homeowners consider at one time or another.  It doesn’t matter if you have a small kitchen or a large one, planning a new kitchen will be a costly project.

Here are some things you need to consider when planning your new kitchen

Fitted Kitchen Furniture vs Modular Kitchen Cabinets
It is important to choose the right type of Kitchen Cabinets for your kitchen in Hereford to maximize space. Fitted kitchen furniture can be tailored to any size, since they are made to order and therefore can be made to fit any size space whereas Modular Kitchens are built to pre-set sizes starting 200mm wide and rising by 100mm each time so the next size up is 300mm, then 400mm and so on. Whilst made to measure kitchen furniture can be customised to your personal needs - decide how many drawers you need, the height of the cabinets, the width and so on, Modular units use space covering veneers which are built-in by the Kitchen Fitter.  

Keep the 'Work Triangle' in Mind While Designing 
The fridge, sink and cooking range should form a triangle. Managing things become easier of you maintain this work triangle. These are the most visited points when working in the kitchen, so keeping these within easy reach of each other makes your kitchen more efficient and makes it easier for you to use. If you don't have enough idea about the work triangle, take help from professional kitchen designers. 

Choose the Right Storage Equipment 
To create a functional kitchen it is important to choose the right storage equipment. To maximize efficiency, you need to keep all the everyday items within easy reach, and this is only possible if you have the right storage equipment. For instance, Chippendale Kitchens has a great selection of Kitchen Storage Equipment to choose from and the experienced kitchen designers at Kington Building Supplies are on hand to help you choose the right equipment for you. 

Get Good Kitchen Furniture Designers 
If you want to install fitted kitchen furniture in Hereford, it is necessary that you start with great furniture designers. Check the reputation of the furniture designers before signing the contract - they should understand their needs and demands, the prices quoted should be reasonable and they should provide the best quality materials. Likewise for when you choose Modular Kitchen Cabinets from a Kitchen Showroom in Hereford. Compare quotes from a few kitchen furniture designers before zeroing in on one. Also check whether the furniture designers are charging for installation too some companies charge a premium for employing their own fitters whereas most fitted kitchen showrooms will introduce you to specialist Kitchen Fitters that they know well and this means they both focus on their own part of the project. 

Set a Budget 
Last, but not the least, you should know how much you want to spend on your kitchen renovation project. Home renovation projects such as kitchen renovation may exceed budgets easily, so it is important that you stick to your budget right from the beginning. Your New Fitted Kitchen will be at the heart of your home so you should make sure that you are forward looking with regard to your lifestyle and how you want to use your kitchen now and in the future.

Why not take a look at the range of Chippendale Kitchens on display in the Fitted Kitchen Showrooms at Kington Building Supplies, Sunset Yard, Kington, Herefordshire. HR5 3SF


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